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Long Term Victim Assistance Funding  (Distribution to begin June 16, 2015)
This page has been setup to answer questions and guide Wimberley flood victims in applying for funds available through the Long Term Assistance Funds.  The total amount of funds available for distribution through this fund are growing daily and will be updated on our Funding Statistics page on this website.
Wimberley Area Victims Emergency Services (WAVES) Advisory Board
A seven person advisory board has been established to make all decisions regarding the allocation and distribution of all funds available in the Long Term Funds.  MyNK is referring to this board as WAVES - Wimberley Area Victims Emergency Services advisory board.

Five of the members of the WAVES board are local, prominent, involved Wimberley citizens who have no formal relationship with My Neighbors Keeper.  Two of the members on the WAVES board have been selected from My Neighbors Keeper's Board of Directors.  

WAVES Advisory Board 

Jo Hackett  (Locally affiliated with the Crisis Bread Basket)
Courtney Cerday Goss  (Cypress Creek Church victim/volunteer coordinator for Memorial Flood)
Traci Maxwell  (WISD school board member, local realtor, emergency coordinator on site at Bridges gym for Memorial Flood)
Christy Degenhart  (Ace Hardware owner, volunteer assistance coordinator Memorial Flood)
Ken Strange  (WISD school board member, head of local EMS)
Madonna Kimball  (MyNK board member, owner of local Sun Country Publications)
Jamie Clark  (MyNK board member, local Century 21 realtor)
Long Term Assistance Application, Evaluation, Approval and Payout Procedures
Step One.   Apply for assistance.

                    Complete the Long Term Assistance application form and return it to MyNK.  The application form is available below as a downloadable form or 
                    may be picked up locally at Ace Hardware or Ino'z restaurant.
                    Completed forms may be returned via email to MyNK at or by being submitted at any of the three pickups sites 
                    listed above.  All forms submitted (even those turned in after June 15, 2015) will be considered for assistance.
Step Two.  Application Evaluation and Approval.

                    Completed Long Term Assistance applications will go before the WAVES board for evaluation beginning June 15, 2015.  The WAVES board will
                    meet and evaluate all applications and make all final determinations regarding qualified assistance recipients and financial amounts to be
                    awarded to each recipient.  Decisions of the WAVES board regarding eligibility, payout amount, etc cannot be over turned or altered by the 
                    Board of Directors of My Neighbors Keeper or it's Treasurer who will handle the actual payout of funds.
Step Three.  Payout Procedures.

                    Once the WAVES board has completed their evaluations and made appropriate assistance approvals, this information will be forwarded to 
                    My Neighbors Keeper Treasurer, Tom Keyser, who will then begin to contact recipients and make arrangements to process the payment.
                    Long Term Assistance payments will commence beginning June 16, 2015.  All payouts will be done in person.  NO PAYMENTS WILL BE
                    MAILED.  You must present a valid ID at the time of payout in order to receive payment.
We are now over 2 months since the date of the catastophic Memorial Weekend Flood.  MyNK was established to assist local Wimberley area victims of natural disasters on an "immediate" basis.  We have done this and based on the amount of assistance we have processed since this disaster, which is detailed on our funding statistics page,  we have fulfilled this committment to our community and we will continue to do so moving forward.  However, assistance is now being offered by other organizations with which we remain in close support.  As of August 10th, MyNK's assistance through our short and longterm assistance will conclude in the manner described below.  Applications submitted up to that date will be considered for assistance.  We are not going away, we are simply notifying everyone that this method of assistance will conclude. 

 Thanks to everyone who has contributed towards this assistance and know that we remain 
committed to the mission of immediate funding assistance in the time of need.