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Many fundraisers are currently in progress or are in the planning stages to assist victims of the Memorial Flood.  Quite a few of these are channeling their proceeds though My Neighbors Keeper.  We are honored and overwhelmed so many have put their trust in this organization to insure that these funds are indeed distributed locally and that we do not take administrative costs out of these funds.  100% of the funds that are deposited with MyNK WILL see their way into the victim's hands!

If you are planning a fundraiser and intend to channel your proceeds through MyNK, please notify us prior to advertising your event.  We ask this so that these fundraisers can be fully vetted and vouched for and to assure those donating, that indeed, their funds will be making their way to our general fund.

As we become aware of these fundraisers, we will update this site so that everyone will know, that indeed, it is a legitimate cause.

Thank you to everyone who is assisting by putting these efforts together.  We know and appreciate how much effort this takes!
Memorial Flood Fundraisers
Qualified Fundraisers Planned by Others with Benefits Channeling Through My Neighbors Keeper

> Wimberley Strong T-shirt Campaign   
      Fundraiser established by Jonathon Bane out of Austin and Liz Jones from Wimberley with profit proceeds being deposited with MyNK.  
       Tshirts are still available through Hill Country Tshirts

> Wimberley Strong bumper stickers
       Funds raised through the sale of these bumper stickers benefits MyNK.  Available for purchase at Ino'z restaurant, Brookshire Brothers, and
       Wimberley Cafe.

Crossfit Wimberley Flood Fundraiser   August 22, 2015     Cypress Creek Cafe
Teams wishing to register online can use the button below to register for the Crossfit Wimberley Fundraiser on August 22nd at 10am.  Simply click on the Buy Now button below and follow the instructions. 

When checking out, be sure to include your shipping address and include your captain and team name.

 For more information contact:  Keith Busby at